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Saturday, 7 January 2012

What kills me the most

The sun shines feebly across the sky
then gives up with a sigh
I scan the horizon with a sweeping gaze
search my mind to recollect those days

Can't you raise your eyes and look at me?
see the things you've left to see?
Why do you pretend as if I never mattered?
Admit your life's broken and the pieces are all scattered

What kills me the most is the way you used me
you said you loved me and then you abused me.
Wish I'd known you were just playing with my heart
wish I'd known you'd just break me apart

I'm completely numb, can't feel any pain
I'm drenched to the skin yet I can't see the rain.
The world has changed, I've been left behind
you're out of my life but you're still on my mind.

The gloom has subdued and broken my soul
the darkness has swallowed me whole
Can't remember the things you said
I might look alive but I'm dead.

What kills me the most is that I never had a chance
what I thought was our love was a one-sided romance
I've even started doubting the sweet words you once shared
I don't think you ever meant them, or really even cared

Why'd you do this to me? I don't understand
did things just happen or was all of this planned?
Don't you realize, how much you've hurt me?
never thought when I'd need you would be when you'd desert me

I hope you're happy to see me broken this way
don't think I can make it through one more day
Never thought my love would someday turn to hate
I Quit. My life is now up to fate

What kills me the most isn't the way you left me
or the feeling I'll always be alone
It's got nothing to do with what's false and what's true
what kills me the most is you.

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