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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Past Mistakes

Lies, deceit and all my sins
All the times I've failed
To relive our love story
My heart now lies impaled

Our love flashes before my eyes
Over the past my heart now frets
At all the betrayals and heartbreaks
And a million past regrets

The sadness envelops my heart
No matter how hard I try
To reject it, along with you, from my life
All I can do is wonder why.

Death gleefully beckons to me
Life now says farewell
Paradise slips from my grasp
As I slip into hell.

My demons come to haunt me now
The devil takes over my soul
My mind, overpowered, by the darkness
Misery now, takes its toll.

Save me, from this torture
Rescue me, from my demise
Free me, from this web I've spun
With a million little lies.

Point the knife at my heart
Hold the gun to my head
Thrust the blade, pull the trigger
Can I die if I'm already dead?

The hatred sears through my body
Revenge shivers under my skin
Anger burns in my every thought
Despair tears me, from within.

I lie alone, as the sunlight fades
My dying heart now breaks
As I think back, to our love story
And a million past mistakes.

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