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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

You're my Sunshine

The raindrops fall, onto my face
And roll down, to meet the dew
The night beckons for me to come
But I'll still come back to you.

A star shoots across the sky
Painting the sky with its light
My heart flooding, with so many wishes
Yet its you I wish for tonight.

No matter how far you are
Your heart, my heart will find
You might not be in my arms
But you're all that's on my mind.

I close my eyes, then open them again
To the most wondrous sight
The meeting of the night and the day
And I still think of you in the twilight.

I'll come back to you, every time
The world may be false, but I'll stay true
I'll never let go, never give up
Because all I want is you.

All I want is you
You're my own tiny spot of sunshine
Look into my eyes and tell me
My love, will you be mine?

Monday, 18 June 2012

Dance with Me?

The distance might feel
Like a million light years
But when I think of you
The sadness disappears.

We've been together
Through life's highs and lows
Ambling along
On the path we chose.

If you fall, I pick you up
If I stumble, you give me your hand
If you're unsure, I lead the way
If I'm all spent, you help me stand.

No care for the world, not a single concern
We skip along, through our fantasy
No worry too big, no problem too huge
We dance along, just you and me.

Dance with me, let's dance again?
I want to dance with you, dance in the rain.
Hold on tight, don't let go of me,
Cause I'll dance with you till eternity!