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Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Last Raindrop

Looking through the frosted window
Looking and yet not truly seeing
Contemplating life's next move
Picking up the broken pieces
Once the essence, of my true being.

The drops of rain
so clear and serene
Like a heart, free of all evil
Like a newborn child, for who
Life's darkness, is still unseen.

The clouds, they gather and form a ball
Of darkness and fury and rage
And the sunlight,
Finds no escape
From this hideous, twisted cage.

And yet I stand, beneath this gloom
And drench my wounded soul
In the ethereal drops
From heaven they fall
And down my face they roll.

Like ice it stings, every drop
Like a painful, poisonous bite
From a snake
A snake within me
That I can never fight.

The cleansing has commenced, I know
My soul starts shedding its layers
Till all that remains
Is truly me
I say my final prayers.

I pray to no god, no spirit, no maker
I pray to no one for salvation
I pray to myself
To my true being,
The essence of my creation.

The downpour gains a lethal fury
That mankind has never known
The end of the days
Upon us, has set
The last calm breeze has blown.

The earth, it groans, and then cracks up
Remorseless as it destroys
That crosses its path
Against nature, work no ploys.

Fires raging, at every step
Fueled by rains of acid
I start running
In my blind panic
Till I notice my soul's still placid.

The destruction is not around me
The fires all rage within
The acid is inside me
Each crack,
Another sin.

I stand up now, with renewed vigor
Ready, with a fresh new will
To take on my fears
Both around and within
To conquer the unconquerable hill.

I look through the frosted window
At the raindrops, as they fall
Looking and also seeing
My soul now, pure and true
I stand here and wait for you.

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