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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Preserve the Shreds

Sitting in the clearing
Tears roll down my cheek
And lose themselves amidst the raindrops
As I wonder what I seek

The night tries to tempt me
and for once, I want to die
Loosen myself from life's embrace
Under that starry sky

It all seems torn to pieces
I hang onto the threads.
It all feels so futile
And yet, I preserve the shreds

My heart begins to race
My mind, rotten with fears
The wind blows through my hair
All sense disappears

The earth beneath my feet
The moonlit sky above
Nothing I could ever hate
But nobody to love

The pain is unbearable
As my foot carefully treads
Upon the shards of my life I loathe
And yet, I preserve the shreds.

Its not love which carves my path
Nor hope which causes my actions
Its something within, making me hold on
To these fatal attractions

A star shoots across the sky
I wish for nothing tonight
Cause I know if I did, I'd wish to die
Under the silver moonlight

Love made me, then it broke me
Its what my heart now dreads
It burnt away everything I had
And yet, I preserve the shreds.

Why do I live, another day?
What purpose does my life serve?
What does all this really mean?
Is this what I deserve?

Terrified of life,
Yet fearful of death
Suffocating every minute
Yet I take another breath

My hopes lie shattered like me
My dreams, murdered in their beds
My life broken into a million pieces
And yet, I preserve the shreds.

Above me, the sun now dawns
In my heart, the warmth now spreads
The past, though, must not be forgotten
And so, I preserve the shreds.

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