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Friday, 27 January 2012


Every time I stumble
Every time I trip
Every time I falter
Every time I slip.

Your hand extends, down to help
Your heart comes out to me
To pull me up, back onto my feet
And rid me of my misery

I loved and then I lost
I sat and cried for hours
You made me smile that night, you know?
As I lay under those stars.

I asked you for a shoulder
You picked me up instead
I felt like I meant the world to you
When I thought I was better off dead.

I'm sad, you make me laugh
I cry, you understand
I'm mad, you let me blow off my rage
I'm lost, you hold my hand.

For every time you've been there for me
Together till the end
For everything you've done for me
Together forever, my friend.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Past Mistakes

Lies, deceit and all my sins
All the times I've failed
To relive our love story
My heart now lies impaled

Our love flashes before my eyes
Over the past my heart now frets
At all the betrayals and heartbreaks
And a million past regrets

The sadness envelops my heart
No matter how hard I try
To reject it, along with you, from my life
All I can do is wonder why.

Death gleefully beckons to me
Life now says farewell
Paradise slips from my grasp
As I slip into hell.

My demons come to haunt me now
The devil takes over my soul
My mind, overpowered, by the darkness
Misery now, takes its toll.

Save me, from this torture
Rescue me, from my demise
Free me, from this web I've spun
With a million little lies.

Point the knife at my heart
Hold the gun to my head
Thrust the blade, pull the trigger
Can I die if I'm already dead?

The hatred sears through my body
Revenge shivers under my skin
Anger burns in my every thought
Despair tears me, from within.

I lie alone, as the sunlight fades
My dying heart now breaks
As I think back, to our love story
And a million past mistakes.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Last Raindrop

Looking through the frosted window
Looking and yet not truly seeing
Contemplating life's next move
Picking up the broken pieces
Once the essence, of my true being.

The drops of rain
so clear and serene
Like a heart, free of all evil
Like a newborn child, for who
Life's darkness, is still unseen.

The clouds, they gather and form a ball
Of darkness and fury and rage
And the sunlight,
Finds no escape
From this hideous, twisted cage.

And yet I stand, beneath this gloom
And drench my wounded soul
In the ethereal drops
From heaven they fall
And down my face they roll.

Like ice it stings, every drop
Like a painful, poisonous bite
From a snake
A snake within me
That I can never fight.

The cleansing has commenced, I know
My soul starts shedding its layers
Till all that remains
Is truly me
I say my final prayers.

I pray to no god, no spirit, no maker
I pray to no one for salvation
I pray to myself
To my true being,
The essence of my creation.

The downpour gains a lethal fury
That mankind has never known
The end of the days
Upon us, has set
The last calm breeze has blown.

The earth, it groans, and then cracks up
Remorseless as it destroys
That crosses its path
Against nature, work no ploys.

Fires raging, at every step
Fueled by rains of acid
I start running
In my blind panic
Till I notice my soul's still placid.

The destruction is not around me
The fires all rage within
The acid is inside me
Each crack,
Another sin.

I stand up now, with renewed vigor
Ready, with a fresh new will
To take on my fears
Both around and within
To conquer the unconquerable hill.

I look through the frosted window
At the raindrops, as they fall
Looking and also seeing
My soul now, pure and true
I stand here and wait for you.

Preserve the Shreds

Sitting in the clearing
Tears roll down my cheek
And lose themselves amidst the raindrops
As I wonder what I seek

The night tries to tempt me
and for once, I want to die
Loosen myself from life's embrace
Under that starry sky

It all seems torn to pieces
I hang onto the threads.
It all feels so futile
And yet, I preserve the shreds

My heart begins to race
My mind, rotten with fears
The wind blows through my hair
All sense disappears

The earth beneath my feet
The moonlit sky above
Nothing I could ever hate
But nobody to love

The pain is unbearable
As my foot carefully treads
Upon the shards of my life I loathe
And yet, I preserve the shreds.

Its not love which carves my path
Nor hope which causes my actions
Its something within, making me hold on
To these fatal attractions

A star shoots across the sky
I wish for nothing tonight
Cause I know if I did, I'd wish to die
Under the silver moonlight

Love made me, then it broke me
Its what my heart now dreads
It burnt away everything I had
And yet, I preserve the shreds.

Why do I live, another day?
What purpose does my life serve?
What does all this really mean?
Is this what I deserve?

Terrified of life,
Yet fearful of death
Suffocating every minute
Yet I take another breath

My hopes lie shattered like me
My dreams, murdered in their beds
My life broken into a million pieces
And yet, I preserve the shreds.

Above me, the sun now dawns
In my heart, the warmth now spreads
The past, though, must not be forgotten
And so, I preserve the shreds.


I never thought it'd come to this
But i can't think of another way out
I'm completely spent, I've given up trying
my mind is now rotten with doubt.

The blade in my hand glistens in the light
with a flash it tastes my blood
My heartbeat rises, then falls again
till i can barely hear it's thud.

This is the last time i write for you
it's the last time i ever write again
i hurt you and so you broke me
I guess i really do deserve this pain.

My life flashes before my eyes
Most of which is just you and me
you're all i had, I'll ever have
but i guess it just wasn't meant to be.


Because the night must pass before the dawn may arrive
the dark and the light can't share the sky,
the moon must hide before the sun can rise
for the day to be born, the night must die.

The stars must dull for the sun to shine
the owl must sleep for the rooster to crow,
for the butterflies to start flying about
the fireflies must cease to glow.

It's time to awaken from our slumbers
it's time to let our minds take flight,
it's time to embrace this fresh, new day
it's time to let go, it's the end of the night.

A Life of Hope

Of all the days
I've lived till now
Today's most apt for dying
May not sound like me
But right now, I'm not lying

I just can't live
I just can't love
And its not dying I fear
The pain's too much
My bleeding heart I clutch
Impaled, as if, by a spear

Impaired, I struggle
Up to my feet
And try to catch my breath
Overcomes me
As I face off with death

Not death
Nor pain, I do fear
Its the sadness inside your heart
That drowns me
In true misery
Threatening to tear me apart

And yet, I know
its my own doing
that's led us down this path
But deep within
I know love will win
If I survive the aftermath

I refuse however,
To give up hope
No matter how bleak the light
Till our hearts meet
Or mine ceases to beat
I follow you, into the night


Standing under the infinite skies
Thinking about my endless lies
I look down in misery
And a tear rolls down my cheek.

The moonlight begins to fade
As I ponder the mistakes I've made
I've lost you forever
Now you're all that I seek.

The hurt that I have caused
The trust that you have lost
A star shoots across the horizon
Suddenly, the world goes bleak.

I close my eyes and all I see
Is your beautiful smile that I love
The very smile I wiped off your face
What amazing irony.

The guilt comes crashing down
And across my chest it heaves
With a crushing force that makes me scream
In pain and agony.

I've made my last mistake
I've hurt you for the last time
My very last lie I've spoken
Never again, I promise , Angel
I can't live with us apart
I'll fix everything I've broken
But please don't break my heart.

The Hills

I went to the hills and i cried
I let it all flow out
tried to lose the fear and the misery
and get rid of all the doubt.

I sat on a cliff
And watched the rising sun
and thought of all that I have done.

And smiled to myself as I got back up
thankful for all I've got
cause I love and I am loved
and that's what matters a lot

I went to the hills to jump off that cliff
and free myself from the sorrow
but I ended up freeing my mind from it all
I'll go back to those hills tomorrow..


Sometimes, the end just creeps upon you
taking you by surprise
it burns your whole life down
right in front of your eyes

I can see my world collapsing
I can see you walking away
I can see the lights dimming
as I reach the end of my day

I wish I knew where things went wrong
when did they go out of hand?
Why couldn't things just keep on going
the way that we had planned?

I guess these questions are pointless
what's done can't be undone
and the truth won't change no matter how far
i decide to run

Don't mourn over our love
there's nothing left to save
no time for tears or hurried last wishes
it's time to hit the grave.

Can't hold on Anymore

How life can destroy
in a moment or two,
what took me a lifetime
to create for you..
Now that everything's gone,
I've no reason to live,
got nothing to lose
got nothing to give..
Can't live without love
the tears continue to drop,
can't heal anymore
the bleeding won't stop..
Lost out in the world
and all the hope's gone,
no one left to love me,
no shoulder to lean on..
How I wish I'd had
the time to say,
a goodbye, before fate,
took you away...

What kills me the most

The sun shines feebly across the sky
then gives up with a sigh
I scan the horizon with a sweeping gaze
search my mind to recollect those days

Can't you raise your eyes and look at me?
see the things you've left to see?
Why do you pretend as if I never mattered?
Admit your life's broken and the pieces are all scattered

What kills me the most is the way you used me
you said you loved me and then you abused me.
Wish I'd known you were just playing with my heart
wish I'd known you'd just break me apart

I'm completely numb, can't feel any pain
I'm drenched to the skin yet I can't see the rain.
The world has changed, I've been left behind
you're out of my life but you're still on my mind.

The gloom has subdued and broken my soul
the darkness has swallowed me whole
Can't remember the things you said
I might look alive but I'm dead.

What kills me the most is that I never had a chance
what I thought was our love was a one-sided romance
I've even started doubting the sweet words you once shared
I don't think you ever meant them, or really even cared

Why'd you do this to me? I don't understand
did things just happen or was all of this planned?
Don't you realize, how much you've hurt me?
never thought when I'd need you would be when you'd desert me

I hope you're happy to see me broken this way
don't think I can make it through one more day
Never thought my love would someday turn to hate
I Quit. My life is now up to fate

What kills me the most isn't the way you left me
or the feeling I'll always be alone
It's got nothing to do with what's false and what's true
what kills me the most is you.