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Monday, 27 February 2012

Scarred for Life

This girl, she's got a twisted mind
it draws me in, I'm mesmerized
Beautiful, both inside out,
Has she not yet realized?

A mysterious aura shrouds her life
Each teardrop leaves a tiny trail
A secret hides behind her gaze
Her eyes conceal an untold tale

Each heartbeat tells its very own story
Of lies, deceit and unimaginable sin
Of life and love and yet of neither
One word and I am pulled right in.

Like the water in a brook
Her words flow soft and measured
Like jewels from the deep
Her words are to be treasured.

She comes and goes as she pleases
In my life and in my heart
She pulls me together, keeps me intact
Though on the inside, she's torn apart.

For in those sweet, musical words
Hides a sad, painful score
As deeply as I do love her
Her misery, I do abhor.

Every time she feels my love
The past floods back to her mind
The scars are raw, still too fresh
A wreckage, left behind.

She's my reason for survival
Without her, I can't exist
She draws me in with every breath
And yet I must desist.

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