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Friday, 9 March 2012


The moment is upon me, what do I do?
Its time for the leap, but I'm still unsure
You may have gotten me till this far
But this is too much for my heart to endure.

Don't take all this away from me
I've got too much to lose, so much to hide
If I leave now, there's no more tomorrow
There's nothing for me on the other side.

Tell me now, will you hold my hand?
Tell me you love me, tell me you care?
Look into my eyes and dive into my heart,
I need you right now, will you be there?

Why do I see you walking away?
You found me, you discovered my soul.
Without you I'm empty, I'm worse than dead,
Come back now! I need you to be whole!

I'm completely infected, you're inside me now,
You're killing me yet I need you to survive.
Its too late now for me to be rescued,
Its too late to walk out of this alive.

I thought our love was invincible,
How did we end up with so many flaws?
Why did the dreams blow up in smoke?
Everything was perfect, till nothing was.

Am I lost forever, in this maze called life?
I can't seem to find, any way out.
Have I lost myself or have I lost my mind?
I'm unable to rid my heart of doubt.

There's too many threads to just let go,
Too many ties I'm too weak to undo.
But so much is at stake, the odds are too high,
Its my life, I need to think it through.

Maybe I need to step back a little,
Let go off the threads, clear my mind.
Why walk around, with a heavy heart?
When I can be free and leave the pain behind?

I choose to endure, I choose to fight,
It may be the last war I ever wage.
I choose to go on, even though I realize,
It may be my story's very last page.

The moment is upon me, I know what to do,
I'm sure now, Its time for a leap.
You may have gotten me till this far,
But its time for my heart to be mine to keep.

Take what you want, take what you need,
I've got nothing to lose, nothing to hide.
I may leave but I won't be gone for long,
Cause I'll see you on the other side.
Cause Angel I'll see you in the Afterlife.

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