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Monday, 6 February 2012

One Reality

Clawing me from within
This uncertainty is killing me
My life a million pieces,
Are dreams now my reality?

Crying when I smile
Dying while I live
Deserted by the ones I love
And you expect me to forgive?

Living a nightmare every day
Escape is not a choice
I try to shout out for help
But why can't anyone hear my voice?

Awake and yet, I am in slumber
My eyes wide open but my mind is asleep
I try to smile, it gives me some hope
Then why does my heart continue to weep?

Tears of joy, a stray sad smile
Hope riding on a few drops of rain
A ray of light shining through the dark
How will I live through all this pain?

The light flickers and then fades out
The rain slows down and then its gone
I lie in a corner, I cry in the dark
If I'm dead inside, how can my life go on?

Tell me the answers, tell me the truth
I hope this isn't something that you would make up.
Is this the only way to know,
Must I really die to truly wake up?

Reality is overrated
Who decides what's wrong and what's right?
I close my eyes and open my mind
And wait for the night.

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