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Monday, 14 May 2012


These little ripples that only I can see
As they vanish, leaving behind no trace
Tiny waves that stir the water
As the tears roll off my face.

I can't do this alone
Helplessly outnumbered, weaker every day
The darkness seems to be claiming my life
I'll be forced to give up, I see no other way.

I need you to hear me out
I want you to understand
I hope you'll be there when I need you,
To walk with me, to hold my hand.

Its time for me to come clean
Its time the world should know
Been holding on, to the past for too long
Its time for me to let go.

I'm lost, will you show me the light?
I'm drowning, will you make the dive?
I'm broken, will you pick up the pieces?
I'm dying, will you help me survive?

Questions that remain unanswered
A life without a song
A poem that lacks a soul
It all just feels so wrong.

If misery is an illusion, happiness is a dream.
A single regret is what makes my heart bleed.
If life is a puzzle, love is the solution.
If I am the question, can you be the answer I need?

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